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Coleman AeroClub's Fleet

The Coleman AeroClub's fleet is member owned. When you join, you are essentially becoming a fractional owner of our fleet. All fixed costs are shared equally by all members via monthly dues. When you fly you only need to cover the expenses you incur during that flight. All expenses are wet (includes fuel) and competitive with Stateside aero clubs and Fixed Base Operators (FBOs).

N884CA - 1978 Cessna 172N


C-172 (N884CA)

MTOW: 2300 lbs

Cruise: 122kts

Fuel: 40gal

Max Range: 485nm

Garmin GNS430 GPS


(Scroll to see Cockpit)

N72401 - 1965 Cessna F172F

C-172 (N72401)

MTOW: 2300 lbs 

Cruise: 114kts 

Fuel: 38gal

Max Range: 515 nm


(Scroll to see Cockpit)

N81CA - 1989 Socata TB10 Tobago 

TB10 (N81CA) 

MTOW: 2535 lbs

Cruise: 127 kts

Fuel: 54gal

Max Range: 653nm




FAA Approved for:


2.5 Hours PPL

10 Hours IFR

IFR Currency 

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