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The Coleman AeroClub (CAC) is a non-profit all volunteer aviation enthusiast group and approved private organization of the US Army Wiesbaden Military Community.
Membership is comprised of individuals from various NATO forces to include DoD Civilians and their family members. The CAC operates a fleet of two Cessna 172’s and one Socata TB-10 out of the Worms Airport and is open to new membership. If you have a specific question or would like to join, you can use the contact form to email us or have a look  at our FAQs.
*The Coleman AeroClub was established in 1972 with the purpose of stimulating an interest in general aviation, to provide authorized personnel with an opportunity to engage in flying as a recreational activity and to encourage the development of knowledge and skills in aeronautics, navigation, mechanical, and related sciences. Coleman Barracks' name (formerly Coleman Army Airfield - the aeroclub's previous home) commemorates Lieutenant Colonel Wilson D. Coleman, who was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for single-handedly halting an enemy tank column, which contributed substantially to the success of the break-through operation into the heart of France.

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Coleman AeroClub benefits


Group Ownership

Have you always wanted to own and operate an airplane, but put off by the high costs associated with acquiring, maintaining and operating your own general aviation aircraft? Then you should consider joining the Coleman AeroClub. 

Fly in Europe

Have you always been interested in becoming a pilot but thought it was impossible while your were overseas? With Coleman Aeroclub you can earn your FAA certificate while stationed in Europe and fly US registered aircraft. See Europe from a new height and accomplish your goals!

Education & Currency

Need to build hours towards your next rating? Need a biannual flight review? Or maybe you just want to stay current, learn more about flying or simply go get that hundred dollar's simple with the Coleman AeroClub.

Introduction Flights

Interested in aviation? Not sure if flying is right for you? Curious about flying light aircraft? Want hands-on experience flying a light aircraft in a safe and controlled environment supervised by an expert and experienced flight instructor (CFI)? Ask about an intro-flight today!

Small Plane

Ready to take flight?

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